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NIE and Student Visa

Students Visa



If your stay is less than 6 months:( if the duration is less than 6 months , you have no right to apply for NIE)


  • Application Form for national visa. You can find it on the website of the Spanish Embassy of your country.
  • Valid Passport for the entire period for which the visa is requested.
  • 3 Passport size photo with white background.
  • Certificate or Diploma awarded by the school of your country in which you made your latest studies and certificate of work developed in your country.
  • Letter of admission to a public or private educational institution, to undertake or extend studies or undertake research.
  • Course content program, training or research to be conducted.
  • Health insurance coverage throughout the duration of stay in Spain, medical expenses and repatriation associated with an accident or sudden illness.
  • Accommodation Certificate.


Documentation proving the economic resources available for the entire duration of the studies ( bank accounts, loans, credit, income statement, scholarships, etc. .). If you do not have these financial means, you may submit proof of your parents or legal representatives along with the original letter in which they undertake to fund all the studies and stay in Spain.


In the case of minor students, the authorization of parents or legal representatives.


Air tickets reservation.


If your stay is longer than 6 months, further require :


For adult applicants (+18), a criminal record ("police record" issued by the Department of Legalization of Foreign Ministry).


A medical certificate in order to prove that the student "did not suffer from any diseases that may have serious public health implications in accordance with the provisions of the International Health Regulations 2005".


* There may be variations in requirements by country, we recommend you to contact prevously with the Embassy of Spain in your country to verify.



BCN Metropol Language School

Pau Claris, 87, 1º1ª
08010 Barcelona (Spain)

Tel: (34) 93 301 82 41


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